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Rural houses in Galicia
Rural houses in Corunna

Rural houses in Corunna

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Hotel Rústico Lugar Do Cotariño - Camariñas - Corunna

Hotel Rústico Lugar Do Cotariño (Corunna)

Rooms rental At the heart of the Costa de la Muerte and the region of Terra chime in Camariñas (A Coruña) is the Hotel Do Cotariño Rustic Place. In a hamlet of 3 houses (three occupied by the hotel) from eucalyptus, pine groves and cornfields, and a short distance from the beaches of the estuary and the coast of Reira (Cabo Villano natural site belongs to the Natura 2000). The Hotel has been restored preserving its ancient stone structure of the village houses. Of the three, two were devoted to housing and to blocks. The beautiful garden of 2500 m2. with its two stone barns and a small creek, provide peace of mind.

:: Book on line : Hotel Rústico Lugar Do Cotariño :: (0034) 639..Telephone - Average price: 30 € person / night approx.

Casa Rural Abaixo - Melide - Corunna

Casa Rural Abaixo (Corunna)

Complete rental Bed split into 2 apartments for 4 people each, equipped with every comfort and decorated combining stone and wood design touches. It has a fully fenced property where the swimming pool, barbecue, gardens, games room with pool table, bicycles,... It is located in a small village, just 3 km from Melide, whose inhabitants are dedicated to the care of cattle, a very quiet with walking paths. We hope you enjoy a pleasant stay.

:: Book on line : Casa Rural Abaixo :: (0034) 981..Telephone - Average price: 25 € person / night approx.

Casa da Roncha - Noia - Corunna

Casa da Roncha (Corunna)

Rooms rental The house has 7 bedrooms all with bathroom, heating, TV and wifi. Three double rooms and four beds. The restoration of the house was made in 2004 by connecting three constructions, one was a very old house, another was a wood oven, leaving the bottom for kitchen, dining room, and in the remaining rooms. The house is 2 km. of the town of Noia at the bottom of the Walls Noia estuary. It has a hiking trail overlooking Monte Louro and gives Creva island down to the beach Testal to 4 km. of the house.

:: Book on line : Casa da Roncha :: (0034) 981..Telephone - Average price: 25 € person / night approx. - MORE PRICES

Casa DonaMaría - Ordes - Corunna

Casa DonaMaría (Corunna)

Complete rent and for rooms Donamaria House offers guests rural accommodation where you can enjoy their holidays in tranquility and activities offered unbeatable location (Camino de Santiago - English). Located in the parish of San Paio searching (Ordes) is in a strategic position between La Coruña and Santiago de Compostela, equipped with good communications, either through the AP-9 or the N-550. In the home environment are numerous archaeological sites and remains of a medieval tower about 200 meters.  2 comments 

:: Book on line : Casa DonaMaría :: (0034) 981..Telephone - Average price: 25 € person / night approx. - MORE PRICES

Casa Cordobelas - Cedeira - Corunna

Casa Cordobelas (Corunna)

Rooms rental Overlooking the beautiful estuary Cedeira, 1 km from the villa, the guest Cordobelas is composed of a set of century-old houses, renovated in the year 95, respecting the Galician rural style, with architectural solutions that combine stone, wood and glass. It has seven double rooms with bathroom, heating, piped music, telephone, TV and hairdryer. The roofs of the same, very high, with wooden beams and puntones give a feeling of spaciousness and comfort. The antique furniture, recovered and restored, creating a particular harmony. Enjoy nature and place.

:: Book on line : Casa Cordobelas :: (0034) 981..Telephone - Average price: 24 € person / night approx. - MORE PRICES

A Cabana de Carmen - Outes - Corunna

A Cabana de Carmen (Corunna)

Complete rental A Carmen Cabana consists of two cottages, a stone and one wood, combining traditional architecture with rustic expressions on the outside and modernist decor features simple and comfortable.

:: Book on line : A Cabana de Carmen :: (0034) 981..Telephone - Average price: 48 € person / night approx.

Casa de Casal - Boqueixón / Santiago de Compostela - Corunna

Casa de Casal (Corunna)

Rooms rental Farmhouse whose origins date back to the XVI century house is surrounded by a 4-hectare farm in which to enjoy nature. Pond, waterfalls, fruit trees, oak grove and lush vegetation await you. It is located in the village of Lestedo, 10 km from Santiago de Compostela, 15 km from the airport and 100 meters from the Via de la Plata (pilgrims way from Seville). We offer 9 rooms with fully equipped bathroom, spacious living rooms, terrace, games room, pool and everything you need to make your vacation unforgettable.

:: Book on line : Casa de Casal :: (0034) 981..Telephone - Average price: 30 € person / night approx. - MORE PRICES

Casa Rural Fogar do Selmo - Urdilde / Rois - Corunna

Casa Rural Fogar do Selmo (Corunna)

Complete rent and for rooms Just 10 minutes from Santiago de Compostela by motorway. Located in a typical village in the heart of Galicia and natural environment, built in the vicinity of what was once a Celtic fort, we found the Bed Fogar do Selmo, traditional Galician farmhouse, fully restored, where visitors can enjoy of all services and amenities of the best hotel. We have 2 living rooms, 10 spacious rooms with telephone, TV, bathroom with corner bath and swimming pool.

:: Book on line : Casa Rural Fogar do Selmo :: (0034) 981..Telephone - Average price: 30 € person / night approx. - MORE PRICES

Casa Das Bentinas - Ames - Corunna

Casa Das Bentinas (Corunna)

Rooms rental In Bentin, just 5 minutes from the Portuguese way and 4 kilometers from the cathedral of Santiago, is the Casa das Bentinas rustic hotel in delightful surroundings. The cozy rustic decor and especially the guest will enjoy a pleasant stay. The house consists of 5 rooms with bath, a cozy hearth room, dining room, garden, pool and parking. An ideal place to spend unforgettable days surrounded by friends and family.

(0034) 981..Telephone - Average price: 30 € person / night approx. - MORE PRICES

Casa Rural Casa Perfeuto María - Cabanamoura / Outes - Corunna

Casa Rural Casa Perfeuto María (Corunna)

Rooms rental Building is representative of traditional Galician architecture, located at the foot of a Celtic Castro in a river valley in the interior of the Ria de Muros - Noia, the Camino de Santiago to Finisterre. It has heating, barbecue, lounge, TV, fireplace, terrace, hot tub, dvd, home, internet access, parking, garden, patio, tv room, breakfasts, dinners, bikes, trails, playgrounds,... Home cooking, nature and silence.

:: Book on line : Casa Rural Casa Perfeuto María :: (0034) 981..Telephone - Average price: 32 € person / night approx.

Hotel Rural Punta Couso - Ribeira - Corunna

Hotel Rural Punta Couso (Corunna)

Rooms rental The complex consists of 3 buildings of the eighteenth century. It has 7 rooms. large double, 1 luxury suite, private garden. The main building includes the reception, bar with hearth (typical Galician fireplace), restaurant for 32 covered. Upstairs are a lounge and entertainment gatherings of more than 100 m2. We are 1 hour from the airport Labacolla, set in a privileged location next to the Dune Park and only 500 meters from the Atlantic Ocean and 1 km from the beach of Vilar. You can perform many activities.

(0034) 981..Telephone - Average price: 35 € person / night approx.

Casa Rural de Barreiro - Curtis - Corunna

Casa Rural de Barreiro (Corunna)

Complete rent and for rooms The house is located in the Barreiro a quiet place with charm that gives visitors the beauty of well done for a full disfrtute leisure time for relaxing, reading, or in the letting go to make way for defined routes on foot or bike to the corner unexpectedly. The house has four en suite bedrooms, one of them has a stone balcony and stairs in the same access to the garden, a living room with fireplace, kitchen. It also has ample parking and 11, 500 meters farm to practice various activities, children and elderly.

:: Book on line : Casa Rural de Barreiro :: (0034) 981..Telephone - Average price: 20 € person / night approx.

Casa Rural Antón Veiras - Poulo / Ordes - Corunna

Casa Rural Antón Veiras (Corunna)

Rooms rental In the village of Outeiro (Poul-Ordes) at the foot of perigrinación English Road to Santiago de Compostela, 2 km from the town of Ordes, 1.5 miles from exit 41 of highway AP9 (Ferrol-Tuy) that links to the motorway A6 (La Coruña-Madrid), found our house. The house is an old Anton Veiras farmhouse over 250 years old, a clear example of Galician rural architecture. The original structure of the main building and annex granary, natural materials like stone, clay or granite and wood create a cozy and quiet can be enjoyed in more 11, 000 meters.

:: Book on line : Casa Rural Antón Veiras :: (0034) 981..Telephone - Average price: 25 € person / night approx. - MORE PRICES

Casa de Turismo Rural Os Petroglifos - Boiro - Corunna

Casa de Turismo Rural Os Petroglifos (Corunna)

Rooms rental The property is ideally located in the communications center of Galicia, located in the Ria de Arosa and in a very natural and very easy access. The distacias to major cities include Santiago de Compostela 20 min, 40 min Vigo., Pontevedra 30 min., La Coruna 65 min., Lugo to 70 min., Ourense 85 min., Ferrol 80 min., A Costa da Morte 60 min. The rooms have private bathroom, piped music and heating. With décor and comfortable. The house has large living room with typical fireplace and cozy decor. You can enjoy various views of the environment and do many activities.

:: Book on line : Casa de Turismo Rural Os Petroglifos :: (0034) 981..Telephone - Average price: 25 € person / night approx. - MORE PRICES

Casa Lucas - Arzúa - Corunna

Casa Lucas (Corunna)

Complete rent and for rooms Located in the heart of Galicia just 8 km from Arzúa, city walkers step to Santiago de Compostela, Lucas House is an old farmhouse that after a thorough and careful restoration went on to become a cozy guest farms. Casa Lucas has a free shuttle service to the pilgrims of Arzúa to home. Casa Lucas is intended for hospice three double rooms with bath, TV and heating also has two self-catering apartments and additions to accommodate two or four seats. We have two beds and a baby cot free.

:: Book on line : Casa Lucas :: (0034) 981..Telephone - Average price: 27 € person / night approx.

Casa Rural Costa Da Egoa - Carral - Corunna

Casa Rural Costa Da Egoa (Corunna)

Complete rent and for rooms Our house, situated on the river Abelleira was known as Casa del Molinero Francisco. The house has 6 en suite rooms (5 with double bed, 1 twin), lounge, kitchen, dining... everything needed for a comfortable stay. While away from the town, has all kinds of features to give solutions to the needs of every traveler. Really a place to rest, ride safe car, eating the most delicious traditional dishes with organic products, even some homegrown. Come and visit us, a quiet environment, surrounded by nature. Repeated.  1 comment 

:: Book on line : Casa Rural Costa Da Egoa :: (0034) 981..Telephone - Average price: 26 € person / night approx. - MORE PRICES

Casa da Sebe - Malpica - Corunna

Casa da Sebe (Corunna)

Complete rent and for rooms Sebe House is 600 meters from the beach and the port of Barizo (Malpica), a small fishing port with lots of charm. The house is newly renovated and has all the comforts and modern facilities that respect the traditional atmosphere. Five double rooms with bathroom, one suite and one apartment for 4 people make up our facilities. A private pool, small gym, a stone barbecue, a shellfish farm own 1200 square meters landscaped and fenced, ideal for children to enjoy and parents relax, complete our services.

(0034) 981..Telephone - Average price: 50 € person / night approx.

Xanela Da Lúa - Carnota - Corunna

Xanela Da Lúa (Corunna)

Rooms rental Xanela da Lua is a typical of rural Galicia. Built before 1900 was fully restored in 2004 to dedicate to rural tourism. For location, between the upper and lower estuaries is the ideal place to learn the Galician coast. The house has six double rooms, decorated in a simple and pleasant for visitors is at home. It has two rooms, kitchen, dining room and a large orchard and garden that will allow them to enjoy the beautiful nature Galicia.

:: Book on line : Xanela Da Lúa :: (0034) 981..Telephone - Average price: 25 € person / night approx.

Hotel Rural Pazo de Galegos - Vedra / Santiago de Compostela - Corunna

Hotel Rural Pazo de Galegos (Corunna)

Rooms rental This house, situated at the top of the Ulla Valley, 13 km from Santiago de Compostela, has 9 en suite rooms each with its own style and indigenous grape suggestive names. We also offer bar and restaurant. Inside the farm you can enjoy walks through vineyards, camellias, magnolia centennial and a strain of more than four years. You can also visit the winery, DO Rias Baixas, where you will receive details of winemaking, taste and purchase our products and admire a winery four years.

:: Book on line : Hotel Rural Pazo de Galegos :: (0034) 981..Telephone - Average price: 42 € person / night approx. - MORE PRICES

Hotel Rústico Casa do Vento - Baio / Zas - Corunna

Hotel Rústico Casa do Vento (Corunna)

Complete rent and for rooms Charming house that has a total of 7 double rooms, all with a spacious bathroom, television, radio and telephone. On the lower deck of the house have a suite, with great views to the garden with hot tub. Features as spacious living areas on the ground floor with a traditional hearth that invites conversation, a game of cards, a good queimada heat of the fire,..., a basement cellar where we can offer good meats and wines. Garden of 900m2 with fruit trees and ornamental plants, private parking.

:: Book on line : Hotel Rústico Casa do Vento :: (0034) 981..Telephone - Average price: 26 € person / night approx. - MORE PRICES

Casa Miguez - Touro - Corunna

Casa Miguez (Corunna)

Rooms rental Village house built in 1868 and restored in 2000, with an area of ??10, 000 m2, has 5 double rooms and beds, located 5 km from the Camino de Santiago. House was an important Míguez labradío house in the area. Here we can see the main entrance to the house, as well as the shed where you can find a winery with a press and an oven. which is the only oven in the village. On the main gate leads to the garden, just below the vine. We enter the house through the door and tear or the upper stairs. A typical Galician house completely restored for your stay.

(0034) 981..Telephone - Average price: 25 € person / night approx.

Casa Luar - Mazaricos - Corunna

Casa Luar (Corunna)

Complete rental Full rental house in rural village, well situated for visiting Costa de la Muerte, quiet village surrounded by nature. Designed for a couple with one or two children. Where you can enjoy the natural environment and peacefully. The house consists of: double room, furnished and decorated wrought iron to the last detail.

(0034) 981..Telephone - Average price: 15 € person / night approx.

Casa San Martiño - Calo / Teo / Santiago - Corunna

Casa San Martiño (Corunna)

Complete rental Stone house on 2 floors with the following distribution: living room, kitchen and toilet, a twin bedroom, 2 double bedrooms with shower and bath. In the house there are different services available: TV in all rooms, heating, ample parking, garden, playground, laundry service, maid service if desired, restaurant service. At Casa San Martino can Enjoy its family care.

:: Book on line : Casa San Martiño :: (0034) 981..Telephone - Average price: 13 € person / night approx.

Casa Da Paioca - Carral - Corunna

Casa Da Paioca (Corunna)

Rooms rental The Casa da Paioca is a Galician manor house, renovated and adapted to a farmhouse. Respecting its original structure has been designed comfortable and welcoming spaces, ideal for spending a few days off and enjoy a beautiful landscape and magnificent Galician cuisine. The house has five bedrooms, all equipped with private bathroom, television, central heating and wi-fi, one of them adapted for people with physical mininusvalía and an apartment equipped with individual kitchen. Outside has a large enclosed area and garden with private pool.

(0034) 981..Telephone - Average price: 30 € person / night approx.

Apartamentos Playa de Lariño - Carnota - Corunna

Apartamentos Playa de Lariño (Corunna)

Complete rental Six apartments on one floor, three with sea views and three to the mountain all with terrace, in a property of 3000m2 with a small pine forest, playground, parking, barbecue, beautiful gardens... All apartments are equal and are equipped in the same way. They have living room-kitchen, two bedrooms, one with double bed and another bedroom with twin beds, a hallway and a bathroom. They have everything you need to inhabit only have to come with personal clothing. We offer tranquility, rest and lovely sea views.

(0034) 981..Telephone - Average price: 18 € person / night approx.

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